The body is composed of water

It takes up more than 60% of your body. It is an essential precondition for life. It drives and improves bodily functions. It hydrates and cleanses on the outside, as well as on the inside. Water contributes to body and mind balance.

Choose Jana for its exceptional mineral composition, incredible purity and beneficial effects. Your body will be thankful.

The body is composed of water


ater is the source of life and vitality.

Water drives us and ensures the normal function of bodily processes. Its sufficient intake contributes to your mind and body balance.

You body is made of water. About 60% of an adult’s body, and 70% of a child’s body, is made of water. It is a component of every cell in our bodies.

It is essential for key physiological processes

Water is a part of biochemical reactions, it takes part in the transport of substances through the cardiovascular system, regulates digestion, supports the joints and protects tissues and organs. Water maintains the body’s temperature.

It eliminates harmful substances from your body

Water is a solvent for nutrients that circulate their way to the cells, as well as for the waste material which occurs during the exchange of substances in the organism.

Water is the key and the most common nutrient in your body

Therefore, it is extremely important to take in a sufficient amount of water every day. It is the most important part of nutrition, especially in detoxification diets. With proper hydration, your skin becomes more beautiful – elastic, firm and supple.

Recommendations for water intake

Other than age and sex, the necessary water intake depends on some other factors as well. Pregnancy and lactation in women, as well as extreme ambient temperatures and intense physical activity increase the body’s need for water.

The European Food Safety Authority recommends a daily water intake of 2L for women and 2,5L for men*

Adequate hydration is essential for normal bodily functions, and the natural mineral water Jana, of a unique mineral composition and impeccable, pristine purity, is a valuable nature’s gift. You can enjoy its exquisite quality every day.

*EFSA Journal 2010; 8(3):1459

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