Water and life | Jana | Natural mineral water


It takes up more than 60% of your body.
It is an essential precondition for life. It drives and improves bodily functions. It hydrates and cleanses on the outside, as well as on the inside. Water contributes to body and mind balance.

Choose Jana for its exceptional mineral composition, incredible purity and beneficial effects. Your body will be thankful.

In every situation

Jana restores water lost during physical activity. It helps with studying and work. It perfectly complements every meal. It is the best companion to a delicious cup of coffee.

About the mineral balance

For thousands of years, Jana had passed through the numerous geological deposits millions of years old, and assumed an exceptional crystal-clear quality and unique mineral composition.

Filling technology

Nothing disturbs the balance between Jana and nature. Using state-of-the-art filling technology, natural spring water is transferred directly into the bottle from its 800 m depth, without any external influences.