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Jana ima novu, limitiranu ediciju - Sretne misli


Taste of pure nature

Natural mineral water – Jana, Jana fruit-flavoured water, Jana vitamin and Jana Ice tea is a part of a rich assortment.

Jana natural mineral water

Ideal for any occasion

Owing to its exceptional mineral content, distinguished by the proportion of calcium and magnesium, Jana has a recognisable silky flavour, which makes it gentle and elegant. The ideal mineral content, unique flavour and exquisite purity make Jana a top-quality natural product.

Jana fruit-flavoured water

So easy

Strawberry-guava, lemon-lime, blueberry-cranberry, apple-lychee and grape-mirabelle make up the perfect combination of Jana natural mineral water and carefully chosen natural fruit aromas. Jana fruit-flavoured waters are the ideal refreshment because they meet your hydration needs, with irresistible combinations of tastes and minimal calorie content.

Jana vitamin water

What drives you

Water enhanced with vitamins and certain minerals proved to be an excellent way to keep our body fresh and active. Jana vitamin with refreshing fruit flavors can become a considerable part of your daily vitamin intake and make you feel better.

Jana Ice Tea

Refreshment you can not resist

Ice tea is an extremely popular beverage whose basic function is to provide refreshments while enjoying the sweet-fruity flavors. Manufactured on a water base of Jana and with the addition of herbal extracts without preservatives. It comes in four flavors: peach, lemon, forest fruit-cranberry and mint-lime.