Izvor | Jana | Prirodna mineralna voda

The Source

Hidden in the vast depths of the Earth, beneath the picturesque hills of Sveta Jana, surrounded by the green Žumberak Mountains.

Protected by layers of earth and rock millions of years old. Untouched until the moment of its consumption.

Jana is a unique gift of nature that can be truly discovered only when we delve…


After a thousand-year journey to the 800 m deep source, Jana patiently awaits for its primordial, pristine pureness and impeccable mineral composition to be discovered.

Mineral composition
Filtered (0 – 300 meters) Jana's journey to the centre of the Earth starts by passing through the numerous layers of the soil which filter it.
Impeccably pure (300 – 600 meters) Each drop passes through the poorly permeable 225 million old dolomite rocks giving Jana impeccable, natural purity.
Mineral enriched (600 – 800 meters) In the last stage, passing through 200 m thick carbonate rocks, Jana’s mineral composition (Ca and Mg) strikes the perfect balance.
Pristine (800 meters) Hidden in the natural basin at a depth no other spring water can boast, Jana is protected from all external influences.

above all

Not all spring waters are made equal. Due to the unique depth of the source and the mineral composition of the layers through which it passes, Jana has a specific purity and impeccable mineral composition.

Adjusted to your body’s needs

Owing to its perfect calcium – magnesium ratio and a pH value of 7.1, Jana has a distinctive, silky taste. Each refreshing sip of Jana helps you maintain your vigour and restore the natural balance of water in your body.

The mineral composition of Jana

Gaze into the depths of Jana and fathom its greatness

Impeccably pure

Due to the depth of its source, Jana is exceptionally pure and rich in minerals.

Completely pristine

As a result of the Ultra-Clean technology used for filling bottles, Jana is kept intact until you taste it.

Differences between Jana and the other types of water

Tap water Table water Natural spring water Natural mineral water
Mineral composition stability No requirements No requirements Variable Stable
Origin Varied Varied Single source is not required Single source
Protected source Not required Not required Required Required
Disinfection and chemical treatment Allowed Allowed Forbidden Forbidden

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