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Jana Sport 0,75 l PET

An excellent dose of hydration for all forms of sports activities available in a practical and specially adapted package that is shaped to fit in a groove on the bike and contains a sports grip to make consumption during sports activities as pleasant as possible.

Jana Sport 0.75 l is designed for active people and athletes and anyone who needs a higher dose of hydration and who needs a practical package that will not hinder them during activities such as: running, cycling, hiking, fitness and team sports.

  • Practical for holding
  • It fits in the bottle holder
  • Right measure for every sport


  • water is key in sports; it is needed for normal thermoregulation of the body, cognitive abilities, transport of nutrients to cells, removal of toxins, lubrication of joints...
  • more than 50% of athletes, from those engaged in professional sports to athletes in colleges, high schools and younger children, perform sports activities insufficiently hydrated
  • for better results and overall health, it is important to enter physical activity with a good hydration status
  • insufficient hydration is associated with a bad mood, and a feeling of increased effort and pain
  • in persons who are already insufficiently hydrated before exercise, heat is dissipated less well, whereby the body heats up more and pressures the cardiovascular system
  • expert recommendation is to drink 500 ml of water 2 hours before physical activity, for which Jana is an excellent choice

Fluid intake strategy before physical activity

Based on experts’ recommendations, it is important that an activity be started with a good hydration status, and during physical activity one should consume enough liquid to prevent dehydration, in order to avoid negative effects on the mood, perception of effort and the feeling of pain.

A practical tip is to drink 400-600 ml of water 2 hours before physical activity, whereby the 750 ml bottle of Jana water is an excellent choice. Based on the experience of sports medicine experts, bottles with a given volume of liquid to be consumed are an effective tool for overcoming this challenge. Therefore, with a reminder signal two hours before training, the bottle of Jana water will be a true ally in preparing the body for physical activity.

During physical activity

The latest studies show that a precise plan of fluid intake during physical activity is not crucial for competitions or training of lower intensity lasting 1 to 2 hours and at lower temperatures. Jana water bottled from the spring, containing 500 mg of minerals per litre, is a light mineral water that is good to have on hand for a few sips of revitalizing natural refreshment.

With intense physical activity, longer than 90 minutes, especially in hot conditions, an individual hydration plan is needed in order to achieve normal thermoregulation, as well as cardiovascular and muscle function. In these cases, additional intake of electrolytes and carbohydrates should be taken into account.

After physical activity

Rapid replenishment of water, carbohydrates and electrolytes improves post-exercise recovery and reduces fatigue. A balanced diet and meals rich in nutrients and sufficient water intake will enable the body to recover and prepare it for new challenges.

Jana, with its impeccable original purity and mineral composition, which is characterized by a balance of calcium and magnesium, strengthens the body and is a natural support in the all-day hydration of physically active people of all ages.


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Jana sport

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