Hydration in every situation

It is essential to hydrate on a daily basis and restore the loss of water that occurs with physiological processes. This is the only way to ensure the optimal functioning of our body.

Jana is your perfect companion for natural hydration in every situation.

Hydration in every situation


tudying and work

Water contributes to normal cognitive functions, and insufficient hydration results in poor concentration, fatigue and headache. Therefore, proper water intake is a good way of overcoming intellectual challenges.

Sport and recreation

Water contributes to normal bodily functions and thermoregulation, which is of great importance to both professional and recreational athletes. Exercise can result in extreme water loss through sweat, which can amount to more than a litre per hour.

At the restaurant

You cannot go wrong with a choice as sophisticated as Jana in a classy glass bottle. Its delicate and silky taste will complement every meal.

Jana and coffee

Jana with coffee is a natural refreshment and a great habit. Caffeine stimulates water discharge from the body, and the primordially pure, unique and delicate Jana is the ideal choice for its compensation.

A companion in motion

One of the best ways to contribute to adequate hydration is to always carry a bottle of Jana with you.