All year round

With its original purity and mineral composition balance, Jana fulfills your body’s needs for water. You can enjoy Jana equally in summer and in winter.

All year round



Winter is followed by spring which is marked by longer days with a lot more sunlight and a wider temperature range.

It is the season of the year when signs of fatigue, low energy levels, headaches and lack of focus are easily mistaken for something else rather than insufficient water intake.

Springtime lethargy is a well-known term to most people. We have a feeling like our bodies cannot adapt to the new season with longer days, more sun and higher temperatures. It is a time when the right hydration can fulfill our body’s needs in order to maintain normal bodily functions. That will have a positive impact on our cognitive capabilities, as well as our mood.


Summer is the season most often associated with the need for water intake because we are faced with heat and increased thirst.

Water loss from sweating is insignificant during inactivity and at moderate ambient temperatures; however, it becomes very pronounced with the rise of temperatures during summer heats, especially if related to physical activity. External temperature, the intensity of air circulation and humidity, sunlight exposure and the amount of clothes significantly affect water loss in the body.

Insufficient water intake results in reduced physical and cognitive capacities, as well as disorders regarding the maintenance of normal body temperature.

It is recommended to start hydrating from the moment you get up and continue drinking 8 – 10 glasses (200 ml) of water a day, every day. Try to plan ahead additional water intake during outdoor activities and always bring a bottle of water with you.


A hot summer is followed by autumn which can still be extremely warm, but with a wider range of temperatures during the day. With colder weather, we start to heat the space in which we spend most of our day, and that enhances dehydration.

It is worth noting that the body still has the same need for water, although we do not feel as thirsty as in summer.

Therefore, proper hydration in autumn is always an important aspect that needs to be taken care of.

A sudden increase in obligations after summer vacation often leads to an extremely intense and demanding period. An increased number of work obligations and activities increases stress levels, which may, in turn, have an adverse impact on our immune systems. Water is the medium in which biochemical reactions in our bodies occur; therefore, proper hydration is essential for general health.


Spending time in heated spaces and warm clothes also leads to increased water loss. Besides, thirst is not as pronounced at low temperatures as it is during warm or hot weather, hence we often forget about water during winter activities.

Time spent skiing, sledding, snowboarding or shoveling snow results not only in energy loss but also in water loss, which needs to be compensated.

Unlike summer activities, winter activities make us sweat less, but the water loss resulting from breathing and urinating is more significant. This is why Jana will prove to be a more than useful ally during longer winter activities.

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