The mineral composition of Jana

For thousands of years, Jana had passed through the numerous geological deposits millions of years old, and assumed an exceptional crystal-clear quality and unique mineral composition.

The mineral composition of Jana

Jana boasts an exceptionally balanced and coherent mineral composition which is regularly monitored on a yearly basis and its pH value is the optimal 7.1.

Its perfect calcium – magnesium ratio lends it a unique and distinctive silky taste.

Key characteristics of Jana are:

  • Stable mineral composition – one of the main benefits of natural mineral water and the reason it is superior to the other types of water. A reflection of its protected, subterranean source.
  • Low total mineralisation – less than 500 mg per litre – along with a natural balance of minerals and a 7.1 pH lend Jana a distinct silky and delicate taste.
  • Calcium and magnesium ratio of 2:1 is ideal for body absorption and health benefits.
  • It contains silicon, a mineral which contributes to the growth of connective tissue structure. It is a common ingredient in skin care products.

Owing to its unique natural mineral composition, Jana is particularly refreshing, palatable and tasty.

Unique characteristics distinguish natural mineral water, such as Jana, from most other types of drinking water. At its source, Jana is naturally pure, it does not undergo disinfection treatment, such as chlorination, and it has a coherent mineral composition.

Because its underground deposit is protected, the mineral water is of the highest quality.