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The new Jana vitamin for the “new normal” times

According to the definition of the World Health Organization, health does not only mean the absence of disease and exhaustion, but also the condition of overall physical, mental and social well-being. Each of these elements is now under the attack due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The current global health crisis and continuous exposure to disturbing news has been causing a lot of stress and tension in most people, and the “new normal” is not really a mitigating factor as we are doing our best to protect our health and keep up with all other uncertainties in the upcoming period.

What is oxidative stress

Our body is equipped with numerous defence mechanisms that allow it to maintain its balance and preserve its health. However, under too much pressure, our body cannot neutralize all the harmful factors, resulting in a specific type of stress known as oxidative stress. Oxidative stress, a negative and harmful process which leads to damage of numerous cellular structures, is a consequence of the activity of an excessive amount of highly reactive molecules, free radicals.

The activation of immune cells, inflammatory processes, infection, exhaustive physical activity, mental stress as well as exposure to environmental pollutants, certain drugs and chemicals and cigarette smoke are some of the factors that can trigger oxidative stress in our body.

The main metabolism by which the body neutralizes excess free radicals are antioxidants. To engage in the fight against free radicals, the body produces very efficient antioxidants on its own; however, certain very powerful antioxidants must be introduced through food. Some of the most important of these antioxidants which are necessary for numerous bodily functions, namely vitamin E and zinc, are included in the new Jana vitamin antiox.

Jana vitamin antiox – the “new normal” ally

Jana vitamin antiox, the newest addition to the Jana vitamin line, tastes refreshingly of blackcurrants and meets most of your daily needs for vitamin E and zinc. These active ingredients help protect the cells from oxidative stress, contributing to a beneficial effect on health.

If there are no antioxidants to intercept and neutralize them, the free radicals will damage the biologically important molecules such as the DNA, proteins and lipids, and finally the cellular structure itself. Participating in the body’s antioxidant defence mechanism, vitamin E and zinc contribute to the neutralization of free radicals and stopping the harmful chain reaction of oxidative stress.

Inspired by the needs of the current times, 200 ml of Jana vitamin antiox provide more than 15 % of the recommended daily intake of vitamin E and zinc. Low in calories and based on the natural mineral water, Jana, with a little addition of fruit juice, natural aromas and natural sweeteners, Jana vitamin antiox is appropriate for all ages.

The new Jana vitamin antiox with the addition of vitamin E and zinc is an excellent choice providing your body with essential antioxidants, meeting at the same time the body’s need for hydration. Free from preservatives, artificial colours and artificial aromas, Jana vitamin antiox with a fruity taste of blackcurrant is a light and tasty refreshment and an ally we certainly welcome in these demanding, “new normal” times. Prepare for future challenges, stress and exertion with vitamin E and zinc from Jana vitamin antiox.

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