JANA 800 Limited Edition - Jana

JANA 800 Limited Edition

We all know very well that not all water is created equal. Thanks to the unique depth of its source and mineral composition of the layers of earth it passes through, Jana has a special purity, an impeccable mineral composition and recognizable, silky taste.

Jana’s source is hidden in the heart of the Earth at a unique and incredible depth of 800 metres. The depth of Jana’s source is unsurpassed on a global scale, therefore not many around the world can boast of a spring ensuring such a quality. This unique source is hidden under tame hills of Sveta Jana surrounded by the greenery of the Žumberak Mountains, and it is protected by layers of earth and rocks millions of years old, which is why Jana is intact and protected from human influence until the moment it is consumed. It is the very uniqueness of Jana that inspired Jana’s communication platform DEEP ABOVE ALL.

In the past two years, Jana has put in the focus of its communication people who are truly unique with their outlook on life and commitment to success, and they themselves are indeed – deep above all. Goran Čolak, the world record holder in free-diving, and our incredible astrophysicist Vernesa Smolčić who have demonstrated what can be achieved in life if we find inspiration deep inside ourselves for above the average achievements.

For all the above reasons, Jana is presenting the limited edition packaging of its unique water. Jana 800, a new limited edition label, is actually a dedication to Jana’s source, celebrating its uniqueness – a depth of 800 metres.  We hope that this limited series will be an inspiration for everyone to explore their own depths, and just like Vernesa and Goran, to dare to be Deep Above All themselves.