Do you know what protection factor 800 is? - Jana

Do you know what protection factor 800 is?

Just as cream protects our body from the outside, hydration does so from the inside. Protection factor 800 comes from the unique water that has passed its millennial journey to us, all the way from its 800 meters deep source. Therefore, only few waters can boast of a source that ensures such quality. Each drop of Jana in its mild mineralization contains a perfect ratio of calcium and magnesium originating from a dolomite rock. Its unique source is hidden under the hills of Sveta Jana, protected by layers of soil and rocks millions of years old, due to which Jana is untouched and protected from any human influence until the moment of drinking. We could say, without any hesitation, that Jana provides our body with a protection factor 800.

Natural still mineral water Jana, due to the depth of its source, has impeccable purity, a unique mineral composition and recognizable, silky taste.

Hydrate with Jana and enjoy the summer!