Croatian water won another significant international gold medal - Jana

Croatian water won another significant international gold medal

At the most prestigious competition Monde Selection – International Institute for Quality – natural mineral still water Jana won the highest Grand Gold Quality Award

At the world competition, as part of which the testing was conducted at the beginning of the year in Brussels, Jana won the Grand Gold Quality Award, the highest world recognition for product quality, among 3,200 products in the category “Beer, water and non-carbonated beverages”. By winning this award, Jana received another international recognition for its top quality.

“The fact that we won another gold medal at this prestigious competition for the second year in a row makes us extremely proud. I think that the whole of Croatia can be proud of Jana’s success in extremely strong world competition. This is a step up for Jana, after it became the first Croatian mineral water to win a gold medal, the Gold Quality Award, for product quality at the same competition last year. This is an additional impetus to our export strategy in which Jana plays a major role, given that we are present in more than 20 markets with Jana, the most awarded water in the region.“ said Dario Šalić, President of the Management Board of Jamnica plus Ltd.

When choosing a product that carries the Monde Selection quality label, the consumer can be sure to choose a high quality product. Based on various evaluation criteria, outstanding products are awarded quality labels, and Jana won the highest ratings this year and earned Grand gold status. This means that Jana is truly the best in the world. Thanks to the unique depth of its source and the mineral composition of the layers of soil through which it passes, Jana has a special purity, impeccable mineral composition and a recognizable, silky taste.

Due to the depth of its source, Jana is cleaner and richer in minerals than other waters. Due to the Ultra-Clean filling technology, it is intact until the moment the cap is opened, and the Grand Gold Quality Award is just another drop that has crowned its uniqueness. That is why Jana is a natural non-carbonated mineral water that no one else in the world has.

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