Chillaxing with Energy-Free Jana Ice Tea ZERO - Jana

Chillaxing with Energy-Free Jana Ice Tea ZERO

Jana Ice Tea ZERO is the latest range of products that provides iced tea lovers with first-rate sugar-free aromatic refreshment.

Based on Jana, everyone’s water of choice, with invigorating white tea extract and the ever-popular lemon juice, Jana Ice Tea ZERO offers inspiring, thirst-quenching and energy-free energy in 0.5 l PET and 1.5 l PET bottles.

The highly sought-after white tea boasts a rich history that can be traced back to the period of the Chinese imperial dynasties, when its buds were used for tea ceremonies at the Chinese court. White tea, despite originating from the same plant as green and black tea, is actually the rarest and most expensive form due to the unique harvesting and processing methods. The minimal processing of the subtle shoots brings the maximum freshness and an abundance of antioxidant compounds, making white tea a favourite around the globe.

Based on a unique mix of ingredients, Jana Ice Tea ZERO is a chilled blend of Jana water, exceptional quality and white tea extract, with a dash of fruit juice.

Although the origin story of tea takes us back 5000 years to when the Chinese Emperor Shennong accidentally dropped a tea leaf into a cup of boiling water, iced tea is a modern-age beverage. Iced tea was “invented” by an American merchant who put ice in hot tea so that the visitors to the 1904 World’s Fair could cool off from the sweltering summer heat.

Until now, this original beverage that conjures refreshing magic has been based on an ice-laden sweetened tea solution. But as with most things in life, and that includes iced tea, it’s the details that make a difference – which is especially true today when many adhere to dietary guidelines that restrict the intake of sugar. Jana Ice Tea ZERO allows you to unwind daily with the tasty sugar-free flavours we all love and enjoy.

Now you can chillax with Jana Ice Tea ZERO without feeling guilty.

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