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Jana – Hidracija ki poganja zmagovalca

Tadej Pogačar, najmlajši zmagovalec Tour de Francea, se je izkazal kot eden najbolj nadarjenih in uspešnih kolesarjev na svetu. Z zgolj 25 leti so ga impresivni dosežki in nepopustljiva odločnost pripeljali na vrh svetovnega kolesarstva. Pogačar, je kot dvakratni zmagovalec Tour de Francea in trenutno najbolje uvrščeni kolesar na svetu postal vir inspiracije za prihodnje...



Chillaxing with Energy-Free Jana Ice Tea ZERO

Jana Ice Tea ZERO is the latest range of products that provides iced tea lovers with first-rate sugar-free aromatic refreshment. Based on Jana, everyone’s water of choice, with invigorating white tea extract and the ever-popular lemon juice, Jana Ice Tea ZERO offers inspiring, thirst-quenching and energy-free energy in 0.5 l PET and 1.5 l PET...



Enjoy the floral and fruity flavours of the Jana Ice Tea Raspberry Hibiscus

Get your taste buds ready for a new kind of floral and fruity refreshment with the latest range of premium iced teas – Jana Ice Tea Raspberry Hibiscus. The fragrant freshness of sweet raspberries fused with the energy of colourful hibiscus petals brings out the full lavishness of summer aromas no matter the season.  A...



The new Jana vitamin for the “new normal” times

According to the definition of the World Health Organization, health does not only mean the absence of disease and exhaustion, but also the condition of overall physical, mental and social well-being. Each of these elements is now under the attack due to the coronavirus pandemic. The current global health crisis and continuous exposure to disturbing...



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