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Jana's new communication platform presented

Under the slogan "Deep above all", in the heart of the untouched nature, a new visual identity and a new communication strategy for natural mineral water Jana was presented on Friday, May 18th.

The new, purified and simplified design of Jana's bottle labels is in line with the brand philosophy and the fact that JANA water comes in front of consumers from intact sources, in its full purity. In order to give to the participants better impression of source position itself and beauties of the Sveta Jana's land, it has been organized a trip to Gorica svetojanska and a visit to castle Ĺ umski dvor, where, wishing to provide the complete experience of the natural environment that Jana comes from, the cello player Ana Rucner has played her instrument.

With the new design and communication slogan - Deep above all - Jana reminds of the reasons why this water is unique on the market. The deep and protected source is unique on the world, and is the key of Jana's purity. The blurry and elegant label focuses on crystal-clear Jana - our most famous spring natural mineral water and the natural environment which it comes from, while the messages on the bottles are still talking its original story.

Jana's exceptional purity and composition are coming intact, in its best edition of direct bottling at the source and Jana's first encounter with the outside world is exactly the moment when the bottle is opened.

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