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The story of Jana

Jana came to life 7,000 years ago, when nature was completely pure. It is hidden at a depth of more than 2625 feet and preserves the pristine values of life. Jana's first encounter with the present world is the moment a bottle is open, when its values become a part of us. It is abstracted from tremendous depths, under the old dolomite rocks, which makes its mineral composition and the ratio of calcium to magnesium exceptional. 

  • Permeable rocks
  • Impermeable rocks65-225 million years old
  • Permeable carbonate rocks Dolomite rock: 208-245 million years old
Depth 0m

Mineral composition

On it's several-thousand-year path from the underground and through layers of mineral rock, Jana has become naturally enriched with minerals, especially calcium and magnesium, which gives it a unique, recognizable and silky taste.

  • 2
    Ca 20
  • 1
    Mg 12

This is why Janais recognized all over the world


Perfect for every occasion

The taste of good company

Jana served in a glass bottle is quite an ornament on your table. Due to its recognizable silky and refreshing taste, it will complement any type of meal, whether an appetizer, main dish or dessert.Natural mineral water Jana perfectly rinses your taste buds and prepares them for new treats.

And now it's time for coffee and Jana!

Pure     refreshment

Jana and a cup of coffee are perfect match. The silky taste of the natural mineral Jana with balanced mineral composition sensitizes and enriches the sense of taste, additionally emphasizes the aroma of coffee and offers a true refreshment and pleasure.

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