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We are driven by water

All living things on Earth are composed of water. Water keeps our bodies healthy and clean, but it also keeps our minds healthy as well. Water protects us, and takes care of our bodies.

Because Jana takes care of your body
  • Hydration
  • Detox
  • Balance


Throughout the year, your skin is exposed to many elements of nature

If you have dry skin which requires constant application of moisturizers, you might not drinking enough fluids. Our body is 60 percent water. Inner body hydration, which results in healthy skin, can be achieved by a sufficient intake of natural mineral water of balanced mineral composition.



The best ally in the detoxification process

Stress and irregular nutrition burden our bodies, which can weaken our immune systems. This is why you should clean your body from harmful substances several times a year. Thanks to its properties, natural mineral water Jana fits perfectly into the detox plan because it helps you clean your body and ensures indispensable hydration.



Balance between body and mind

If you often feel tired, maybe you don't drink enough water. Water transmits nutrients to our bodies' cells and affects physical and mental capabilities.



The importance of water intake during pregnancy

The amount of fluids we drink greatly affects the state of the body. It is important for the mother to drink plenty of fluids during the pregnancy. Water not only helps regulate physical changes in the body, but it can also alleviate many discomforts during the pregnancy.



Additional need for water

Additional water intake is extremely important during the pregnancy, The recommended amount of water for an adult woman is at least six to eight 8oz. cups each day.



Additional water intake during breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is an important period in the life of every mother and it represents the great way of feeding a newborn.

For the first six months breast milk remains the best food and has incomparable benefits compared to other types of food. As it ensures infants' optimum growth, development and health, it is also recommended by pediatricians and nutritionists.

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