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The skin is the first 'shield' of our body, if it lacks moisture, it loses its tension and elasticity and becomes wrinkled, dry, chapped, and apart from losing its shine its functions are weakened. When the body lacks water, the skin cells dry up and die quickly.

The skin has as many as 300 million cells which require water to perform all their functions. Dehydration of the skin and insufficient water consumption are often caused by air- conditioning systems, central heating, the adverse impact of the environment, everyday stress and an unhealthy diet. We are especially exposed to all these situations during winter and generally on colder days, and if conditions persist, we get an unwanted natural response in the form of chapped skin, which peels, tightens us and is susceptible to imitation.

The importance of drinking enough water is often overlooked. It is thought that the application of cosmetic products to moisturize your skin is enough to make up for lost moisture. However, one of the most important prerequisites for nice, smooth and healthy skin is hydration. Paying careful attention to the quality and mineral composition of the water we drink is advised. Unlike many creams, Jana natural mineral water has no side effects when used. There is no risk in irritation and it is not limited or determined by the skin type and age. Drinking a recommended 1,5 litres of Jana during the day helps to ensure the sufficient amount of water that our body needs so desperately.

A natural source of hydration, Jana, among other essential minerals, contains silica, which is regarded as a beauty nutrient that contributes to healthier skin, hair and nails.

The secret of beautiful skin, regardless of age, is hidden in the natural mineral water- Jana.

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