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Malena and Klepetan on the Jana's bottles with the messages of Ingrid Divković

Croatia is known for many things in the world, and in the last few years, both for Malena and Klepetan, the most famous storks that found their place on Jana's bottles. As love is a topic that has always inspired, so the Croatian writer Ingrid Divkovic, inspired with the love of Malena and Klepetan, has created messages about life, friendship and the unique power of the human spirit and his readiness to the challenges, that has been transmitted by the edition of Jana Water with a message, dedicated to Malena and Klepetan.

The love story of Malena and Klepetan, apparently quite "ordinary" storks, has also shown to the greatest skeptics that mutual commitment and true love are indestructible. Photos of stork Malena, who year after year is waiting patiently for the return of her Klepetan, in the small Slavonian village of Brodski Varoš, visited the world media and conveyed messages of fidelity and love to millions of people around the world. An extraordinary testimony of the power of love, that didn't give up in front of many obstacles, found its way to the editions of Jana Water with a message that was enveloped by illustrations of Malena and Klepetan.

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