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Jana water with a message

Since its launch at the end of 2013, it presents an inspirational idea for inspirational acts. So, Jana with every its edition, reminds that each small step makes a difference, and many of them in the same direction can move the world.

In autumn 2013, Jana water with a message has been presented to the market, a new concept of natural mineral water, which on its packaging, on the back of the bottle, brings a series of motivational and inspirational quotes. With this step Jana bespeaks that it should be a source of inspiration and encourage positive feelings and changes. In this way, Jana focuses on the daily life situations as the main drivers of all good deeds and decisions.

With inspirational messages on the bottle, Jana has become a driver of positive change. As an organism needs water every day, in the same way the mind needs motivation and inspiration. Given that the right words at the right moment can be the initiator of a series of positive thoughts and actions, Jana wants to promote with its messages positive thoughts.

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