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One of the most favorite editions of Jana water with message is Jana Just Love. After the most beautiful love story, that one about Malena and Klepetan, Jana presented to the market in spring 2016. limited edition Jana Just Love.

Messages of love, the most important and the strongest human emotion, had been presented on the edition of Jana bottles which were dominated by heart motives in different colors and sizes, symbolizing all greatness, wideness and power of love and its ineluctable influence on the everyday life.

Only love changes the world and brings positive changes into the life, these were love messages signed by Louise Hay on the limited edition of Jana bottles, reminding us about the beauty and the value of love in our lives. Specially created labels, in even 33 variations, were presenting all colors and varieties of love – romantic, family, friendly, love for nature and art, love for science and all imaginable types of love.

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