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Jana Hello Kitty

hello kitty

At the very mention of her name, millions of girls around the globe instantly get a warm and fuzzy feeling. We are of course talking of the most famous kitten in the world, which now has yet another incarnation.

Inspired by the desires of the young ones, we have decided to create a Hello Kitty Jana and encourage healthy habits from an early age. Therefore, this ubiquitous character made the 0.25 L and 0.5 L packages of Jana more cheerful. Besides little girls, whose affection Hello Kitty has already won, this bottle has won the hearts of big girls as well, so it's high time that you get your own Jana Hello Kitty.

Everything that a true Hello Kitty fan should know:

• Hello Kitty is a cartoon character designed by the Japanese Sanrio company
• She appeared for the first time in 1974, on a coin purse in Japan
• She celebrates her birthday on November 1st
• She is as tall as a “pillar” of five stacked apples, and weighs exactly as three medium-sized apples
• If you asked her what she does best, her answer would definitely be that she is excellent in making cakes
• Likes English, music and art, and her most interesting hobby is collecting cute things
• Always wears her red bow on the left
• Today, everywhere in the world you can buy almost everything with her image (from notebook stickers to fashion accessories and home appliances)

The Hello Kitty family

Hello Kitty

Her real name is Kitty White and she was born in the suburbs of London, England on November 1st. She is a cheerful and friendly female kitten, very close to her sister Mimmy. Her pet Charmmy Kitty keeps her company.
He is obedient, loves shiny things and wears a necklace with the key to Hello Kitty’s jewellery box.

Mimmy White

Mimmy is Hello Kitty’s sister who loves sewing; she is a shy and romantic kitten who dreams of meeting her prince and living with him in a happy marriage. The only thing that distinguishes her from Hello Kitty is her bow - Hello Kitty wears her bow above the left ear and Mimmy above the right one.

George White

George is Hello Kitty’s dad. He loves making his family laugh. He is a hard and reliable worker, but sometimes acts as if he is in his own world.

Mary White

Mary is Hello Kitty’s mum. She is an excellent cook who enjoys being a mother, wife and housewife. She is kind and compassionate. She spends most of her time cooking and doing housework. She is famous for her apple pie.

Grandpa Anthony

Loves telling stories. He is a well-educated man who enjoys painting.

Grandma Margaret

Grandma Margaret is an expert in sewing, loves to knit with wool and make delicious pudding for her grandchildren.


Daniel is sweet Hello Kitty’s best friend. Although they have known each other since childhood, they haven’t seen each other for a very long time because Daniel has been travelling around Africa with his parents.

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