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Jana Frozen is the new edition of Jana Junior

There is not a child who has not met some of the characters of the world-famous animated feature film Frozen through their activities, spending time with friends or at the cinema. The popular Frozen is now a part of the Jana bottle edition featuring the most famous princesses in the world, Anna and Elsa, and other heroes of this animated feature hit that sparked a world craze. The new Jana Frozen will certainly become the most sought-after product this summer, while the animated heroes will become popular with both children and their parents, who wish only the best for their young ones.

The pristine purity and top-quality properties of Jana remain unchanged long after bottling, which is why Jana is especially recommended for children to maintain good hydration. With Jana Frozen, every game will be more fun, and high temperatures will be easier to bear with children’s favourite ice characters.

The Jana Frozen edition can be bought in 0.5-litre and 0.25-litre PET bottles. With their attractive labels, they will certainly attract many to refresh themselves with this unique Jana edition. By presenting this new edition, Jana is continuing its famous trend of connecting with the best, confirming its real values that have enabled it to become the best and most recognisable Croatian brand.

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