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Jana awarded by CarbonFree®certificate

We are proud to announce that Jana, natural spring water, got CarbonFree®certification and became the first product in the region which was awarded the certificate by Foundation Inc. 

Through partnership with Carbonfund organization and NSF International, Jamnica wants to maintain high standards in environmental protection and to show the necessity of corporate social responsibility which is the basis for future planning and operations of the company. Carbonfund. Org Foundation Inc. is the leading non-profit organization that deals with reducing the impact on climate change and NSF International is an independent global organization that establishes standards, certifies and tests the quality of food, water and other products in order to confirm the quality and safety of products for consumers.

CarbonFree® certification is a credible and transparent manner that shows initiative to reduce the carbon footprint throughout the entire product life cycle. Carbon footprint promotes a positive, environmentally conscious company image and is used in strategic and operational planning in the reports on environmental planning and planned savings. With greater energy efficiency we are increasing competitiveness, reflecting the corporate conscience and responsibility and tracking trends in the global market.

To obtain CarbonFree®certification Jamnica has determined the carbon footprint of her products. Carbon footprint (Carbonfootprint, CFP) is a measure of the impact of human activities on the environment through gas emissions expressed in units of carbon dioxide. During the measurement, both direct and indirect emissions are taken into account and are expressed in tons of CO2. Carbon footprint is closely linked to the use of energy: when the energy is more efficiently spent, than the carbon footprint and CO2 are emissions are lower. Carbon footprint was determined by the method of assessment of the entire life cycle of Jana, Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) , which is the research and assessment of the impact of a product on the environment.  The life cycle represents an overall calculation for the selected product from the production of raw materials, manufacture, distribution, use and final disposal of packaging.

Jana has NSF certification since year 2008. This certification requires frequent control of product and control of the production process in order to confirm the fulfilment of the requirements of quality and product safety.  With the NSF mark, which confirms the commitment and concern for the health and safety of our consumers, sign CarbonFree® is  a comprehensive process that is used to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and demonstrates socially responsible behaviour of Jamnica towards the environment.

Following global trends, Jamnica recognized the value of CarbonFree® certification, confirming its commitment to sustainable development and environmental protection.


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