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Happiness is what you feel – Jana Happy thoughts

Happy thoughts are the best guide and the most beautiful inspiration through life and this is also confirmed by the special edition of Jana Water with a message of happy thoughts. After the editions that celebrated love, gratitude, and goodwill for our closest ones, Jana Water with a message has presented happy thoughts that are inspiring and encouraging positive changes.

Messages of happiness could be found by everyone who wishes to find happiness. With the main message of the edition: "Happiness is what you feel and not what you own“, everyone has the opportunity to stop for a moment and consider what happiness means for him and at what moment he was the happiest. Many will remember with smile special moments in their lives, but also their closest ones they share these moments with. The truth is that happiness is sometimes not visible at first glance, but it doesn't mean that it is not there. It is enough to believe in it and with happy thoughts it is easy to find it, because life is always surprising us again.

Visual identity of Jana's bottles, whose already recognizable design is decorated with clover's leaves, completes also that ones with four clover's leaves on the Jana's bottles. With new hashtag #happythoughts and key message "Happiness is what you feel and not what you own“, the limited edition of Jana Water with a message is special indeed and has attracted many hearts.

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